Why is the visitors’ phone the best device for destinations?

Everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket nowadays - this is not news. Yet, destinations still use analog solutions - such as old paper maps - for displaying information. This is a gap that we aim to close. Through Reveel, destinations such as churches, museums, attractions, cities and more, can now digitalize their offering and bring it straight to the visitor’s phone with one scan. No need for paper maps & brochures anymore! 

Why use smartphones instead of paper maps & broschurs? 

The tourism sector has been stuck on paper maps for far too long now. This is mainly derived from the fact that it is expensive for individual destinations to build their own digital solutions. Simultaneously however, many other industries have made the step towards a more modern way - for instance, we no longer use paper to find our way around with a car, we enter the destination into Google Maps and go. Why should we then still be stuck with outdated solutions when discovering a destination or an attraction?

How can Reveel help? 

Reveel offers a cost- and work-efficient way for destinations and attractions to convert paper maps and information into a digital guidebook for the visitors. Additionally, Reveel also instantly translates text and audio into 28 global languages. Instead of having 28 different paper maps, the correct language is automatically displayed based on the phone’s settings.

There is no need to carry around clumsy papers any more. Bringing information straight to the visitors’ fingertips makes it extremely easy for them to explore and learn at their own pace. Perhaps the most important thing is that visitors love this solution - based on feedback from tens of thousands of Reveel users from the built-in feedback system - which, of course, makes us happy! This shows that our product is ready for your destination. This also allows your destination to easily collect feedback and improve the overall experience. Collecting this kind of feedback when the visitor uses paper maps can be - let’s be honest - extremely difficult.

By joining Reveel your destination moves from old paper to a new, modern and interactive solution. We want to see an end to paper maps getting thrown into the trash - or worse even - on the ground. Reveel is a tool for your destination to eliminate the need for paper maps and brochures, which makes your destination more sustainable.  

So why should destinations have the headache of developing their own expensive solutions, when Reveel has it ready to go, for a small monthly fee? If you feel that it’s time for your destination to have a cost-efficient solution, to save on paper maps and to provide information in global languages, please do not hesitate to contact us by shooting an email to [email protected] or by filling in the form below. We are glad to help you! Is your destination ready to take the first step towards smart tourism?

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