How does Reveel work?

Developing your own digital solutions for visitors is expensive and time-consuming. Reveel is a ready to go platform for any destination, site or museum. Give your visitors unforgettable experiences through digital guidebooks and smart audio tours - in their own languages. One QR-scan and everything is ready to go.

Join the Reveel platform for a small monthly fee

Our task is to enable digitalization for every destination. Instead of spending vast amounts of money and resources on planning, developing and maintaining your own digital solutions, Reveel is ready to go and costs less than printing paper maps.

Maintain all information in one place

Updating content and information should be easy. The Reveel Studio allows partners to instantly make any needed changes to their content, ensuring that the visitor experience always is up to date. Instead of storing information in various places, the Reveel Studio is the perfect place for managing all content.

Print custom QR-codes to wherever they are needed

Reveel automatically generates custom QR-codes based on your logo and colors for all content. Either have a QR-code for a guidebook on arrival, or showcase individual points of interest - completely up to you!

Give your visitors the best possible experience

Using Reveel not only makes your life easier, but gives wow-effects to your visitors. By offering the content that is right for YOUR visitors, you ensure that their experience is memorable. Through the built-in visitor feedback feature, Reveel allows you to interact with your visitors and develop your offering based on what they tell you. What do you say, should we get rid of old paper maps?

Who can we help?




Unesco & National Parks


Local guides

Villas & Airbnb Apartments



Art Galleries


Amusement parks




Ski resorts

And many more!

Attractions / UNESCO sites

Developing your own digital solution for visitors can be extremely expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Reveel offers a one-size-fits-all solution that suits all kinds of attractions. Allow your visitors to discover through digital guidebooks and digital audio tours - in their own languages.

You fully focus on the content; Reveel takes care of the the rest.


Churches are magnificent architectural wonders - but it is often difficult to tell the whole story to visitors. Using Reveel, churches can give their visitors unforgettable experiences that they can cherish even after the visit.

Reveel facilitates an easy-to-use and modern method for displaying information. Reveel enables church visitors to listen and read about everything from architecture to how the organ works.

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