Top 3 Best Churches to Visit in Helsinki

Helsinki boasts numerous beautiful churches accessible throughout the year. Given Helsinki's compact size, you can view almost all the churches from the Hotel Torni, which features a tower with a bar offering a 360-degree view of the city. Many of these churches have fascinating histories and provide interesting information through guidebooks available at the entrance via a QR code.

If you're interested in churches and prefer reading about them in your own language while visiting, we highly recommend visiting the following churches:

Helsinki Cathedral built in 1852

Helsinki Cathedral is a beautiful and famous church right in the centre of Helsinki, Finland. It was designed by a guy named Carl Ludvig Engel and finished in 1852. It looks really special because it's painted white and has a big green dome on top, with four smaller domes around it. There's also a big set of stairs leading up to the main doors. People not only come here to pray but also to see how pretty it is inside and out. It has some cool statues and art inside too. This church is like a postcard picture of Helsinki and shows off a big part of the city's heart and history.

Here is a link to their guidebook
: Helsinki Cathedral

Suomenlinna Church built in 1854

Suomenlinna Church is a unique and charming church located on the Suomenlinna sea fortress island, near Helsinki, Finland. Originally built for the Russian troops stationed on the island in the 1850s, it has a fascinating history. What makes this church stand out is that it used to be an Eastern Orthodox garrison church and then was later converted into an Evangelical Lutheran church. It's not just any church – it also has a lighthouse function, which is pretty cool. The lighthouse beacon is right on top of the church's dome, guiding ships safely. 

Today, Suomenlinna Church is a peaceful spot where visitors can enjoy a moment of quiet, attend services, or just admire the simple yet beautiful architecture in a scenic island setting. It's a part of the Suomenlinna fortress area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring the area.

Here is a link to their guidebook
: Suomenlinna Church

St John's church built in 1891

St. John's Church in Helsinki is a gorgeous church that stands tall in the Punavuori district. It's known for being the biggest stone church in Finland, built between 1888 and 1891. The church was designed by Adolf Melander in a style called Neo-Gothic, which means it has lots of pointed arches, tall spires, and detailed stonework that make it look like something out of a fairy tale. 

The two tall towers can be seen from far away, and inside, the church is just as impressive with beautiful stained glass windows and a big organ. It's a peaceful place where people come to attend services, listen to concerts, or just sit and enjoy the quiet and beauty. St. John's Church is not only a place for worship but also a landmark in Helsinki, adding to the city's rich architectural and cultural landscape.

Here is a link to their guidebook
: St. John's church

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  • Julius Jansson

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