How the city of Estepona is taking a step towards smart tourism.

November 6, 2023

“Smart Tourism” is a term that get’s thrown around a lot… but what does it really mean? For Reveel, the path to smart tourism starts by taking small steps together. This is how we took digital exploration to the next level with the City of Estepona in Spain.

Smart tourism - one of the trendiest subjects among destinations worldwide. Organizations from small museums to capital cities are striving to be part of this evolving landscape - but what does the concept really mean? If you look up smart tourism online, you might find a definition like this:

“Smart tourism aims to develop information and communication infrastructure and capabilities in order to improve management/governance, facilitate service/product innovation, enhance the tourist experience, and, ultimately, improve the competitiveness of tourism firms and destinations.”

Understanding what smart tourism really means can be tricky, and it's hard to see as a destination developer how to become part of it. This is what we at Reveel want to help with. For us it’s simple: we work with organizations like museums, churches, UNESCO-sites and cities to help them give their visitors a better experience. We have a modern platform that lets these places turn their old paper maps and audio guides into digital versions. This way, visitors can have a more interactive experience, get information in their own language, and find out about other cool things to see nearby.

Rome wasn’t built in a day - much like smart tourism doesn’t happen overnight. At Reveel, we believe the path to smart tourism comes from taking small steps together to reach the ultimate end goal. We define the first step towards smart tourism as maximising the visitors’ satisfaction through digital tools. In practical terms, we achieve this together with destinations by presenting all relevant information in a practical way - and in the visitors’ own languages. In addition, by offering interactive experiences, such as digital guided tours, we ensure that the visitors’ get the most out of every place they visit.

Estepona is taking the steps towards smart tourism

Estepona, also known as the “garden of Costa del Sol”, is known for its rich history with its stunning murals, sculptures and heartfelt poems. Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit Estepona every year. Estepona is located in the heart of Andalucia and it offers an amazing opportunity for its visitors to explore all the tiny coves filled with murals and sculptures - not forgetting about the 23 km coastline with amazing beaches. 

How can a city like this showcase all of its beauty? Well, we thought we might have a solution. Through a project enabled by Business Finland, the City of Estepona and Reveel got  together and created a digital guidebook of the city, which lets visitors discover the city in a completely new dimension.

We worked hand-in-hand with the City of Estepona to bring all the murals, sculptures, poems, and other things to see into the Reveel app. The sculptures, murals, poems, and sites are located around the city, and through Reveel all the visitors can easily locate them and read the information and history about each point of interest in their own language. For those who may prefer listening to the information, they can simply play an audio track at each point of interest, ensuring that everyone can discover in their preferred way. Additionally, to cater to our diverse user base, Reveel offers the option to access this information in 28 different languages, powered by AI.

Getting started with Reveel

In today's world of smart tourism, with every destination striving to transform into a Smart City, Estepona selected Reveel for its simplicity and efficiency. The platform’s digital capabilities, enhanced by artificial intelligence elements, guarantee a user experience that is seamless, contemporary, and delightful.

“We appreciate you coming to us offering the possibility of creating a touristic app with all the main places of interest of the city. The app has become really useful for our visitors, in so many languages, so modern, colourful and easy to handle. We appreciate the work you and your colleagues are doing, your kindness, the rapidity of attending to our suggestions and updates, the young vision you have and share with us, and above all, your professionalism.“

- Turismo Estepona.

Partnering with Reveel

Reveel is a modern platform for experiencing a destination. Reveel allows cities, museums, destinations, churches, influencers and guides to create smart, modern and interactive guidebooks that can be opened straight from the visitors' phones. Instead of handing out thousands of paper maps, now destinations can modernise their visitor experience swiftly and easily. Often, travellers may also want to discover on a deeper level, but do not always have the possibility to participate in traditional guided tours due to budgets or schedules. This is why Reveel gives its partners a possibility to create digital guided tours that can be taken at any time. On a digital guided tour, the Reveel app guides the visitor to the next stop, and when approaching, the guide’s voice will automatically start playing and information will automatically come up on the screen. In this way, we ensure that our partners can offer the best possible experience to their visitors.

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