Increase your Destination's Revenue & save on paper maps with Reveel

Many destinations struggle to find new ways of profitable revenue from its visitors - and today maximizing revenue in a sustainable way becomes even more important.

Today, many travelers enjoy being spontaneous, often choosing not to spend much time on research or read lengthy articles about their destinations. As a result, they might miss out on key details about the place. That said, these travelers are usually willing to spend money on experiences and tailored information when they're actually at the destination. This situation poses a challenge for various places like museums, churches, UNESCO sites, and cities, as making their information digital and easily accessible isn't always straightforward.

Reveel improves the visitor experience by offering a modern tool to digitalize the visitors journey, which will remove the need for research and pre-booking. This tool can be used by various destinations like churches, museums, cities and influencers, no matter the size. Essentially converting paper maps into digital interactive guidebooks. For visitors, this means accessing information about the destination in 28 different languages interactively, allowing them to fully understand the destination and its offerings. Additionally, destinations can create and sell digital tours to their visitors. More about this later! 

1. How to increase your revenue by joining Reveel

By joining Reveel, destinations can easily create modern, interactive guidebooks and digital tours. These can directly be bought by the visitors through the Reveel App, opening a new revenue stream for your destination. And most importantly, increasing your customer satisfaction and learnings. In essence, Reveel bridges the gap between those who enjoy traditional guided tours and those who prefer a more private, spontaneous experience without the need for advance bookings, as well as those looking to save money.


Helsinki Cathedral, one of the most popular tourist sights in Finland and also one of Reveels partners. They provide a simple and interactive guidebook for their visitors. Within that guidebook, visitors can learn about the church's rich history, read about the oriel, as well as listen to it. And if the visitor wants to learn more, they have the possibility to buy a digital tour, within that guidebook. Helsinki Cathedral now has a new, modern method to showcase and share information about the beautiful church. This approach creates value for both the visitors and the destination. 

2. Saving money

If you're in the travel industry, you're likely aware of the significant amount of money and time spent on paper maps. Paper maps, as a method of sharing destination information, are increasingly becoming outdated and inefficient. A single typo can require the reprinting of thousands of maps. Also, many paper maps are thrown away immediately after visitors leave your destination, impacting the environment negatively, particularly when they end up on the streets instead of in the trash.

How does Reveel help?

Joining Reveel allows destinations to easily change or update their guidebook information. This minimizes time wasted, freeing up resources for other important tasks. In conclusion, destinations save money by not needing to print thousands of paper maps, work more efficiently, and find it easier to keep information relevant for their visitors.

If you feel like Reveel could be part of your destination's road towards a smart and digital destination. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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