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How Reveel works

Modernize your visitor experiences

Let’s improve your visitor experiences together

Digitalize your paper maps

With Reveel, you can instantly transform your paper maps into interactive digital guidebooks that will open up straight in your visitors’ phones with just one scan. With Reveel Guidebooks you can display all the information you wish your visitor to see - opening times, history, fun facts or simply show how to get around through the interactive map. Best of all, Reveel automatically translates all of your content into 28 global languages, and your personalized AI chatbot can answer any questions your visitors may have.

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Guided tours for everyone!

Some of your visitors may want to dive deeper. Through Reveel, you can create smart digital tours that will automatically guide your visitors to each point of interest. At each stop, your guide’s voice will automatically start playing and information will automatically appear on the screen. The app does the work - the visitor simply enjoys! This also allows your visitors to discover at their own pace. And, of course, both voice and text can be translated to 28 languages automatically.

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Helping you and your visitors
from start to finish

We are here to help - let’s take the first step towards truly smart tourism together. Reveel is the all-in-one solution that modernizes your visitor experience - and it’s ready to go today. Our job is to make your life easy when it comes to smart tourism, so let’s have a chat and see how we can create unforgettable experiences for your visitors.

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With Reveel, you can replace your paper maps and brochures with digital interactive guidebooks that open instantly in the visitors’ phones - for less than the cost of printing paper maps

Provide your visitors with all relevant information in 28 global languages, automatically translated by the Reveel system - both text and audio

Keep all information up to date through the Reveel Studio. Reveel also enables visitors to leave feedback, which helps you improve the overall visiter experience

Create unforgettable experiences by providing visitors with smart, digital audio tours that can be taken at any time, in the visitor’s own pace

All of this makes Reveel the world’s easiest option for modernizing your visitor experiences

How Reveel works

Modernize your visitor experiences

Let’s improve your visitor experiences together

With Reveel, you can replace paper maps and brochures with digital guidebooks that open instantly on visitors' phones, costing less than printing. Provide visitors with information in 28 languages, automatically translated by Reveel for both text and audio.

Keep information updated through Reveel Studio, and gather visitor feedback to enhance their experience. Offer smart, digital audio tours that visitors can enjoy at their own pace.

Reveel is the world's easiest option for modernizing visitor experiences.

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Digital Guidebooks
are the new paper maps

Let’s improve visitor experiences together

Chances are, you’ve heard the term “smart tourism” quite a bit in recent years… but what does it really mean? For us, the path towards a truly modern era of tourism starts with the small steps. This is where Reveel comes in - we allow our partners, such as cities, UNESCO-sites, hotels, museums, local guides and other organizations within the tourism sector to create digital, interactive guidebooks for their visitors eliminating the need for old paper maps. This way we take a small step towards a more digital, modern and sustainable future of tourism.

Guidebooks are the easiest way to enhance your visitor experience. Guidebooks can be opened on visitor’s phones through just one scan, and they can showcase all relevant information, upcoming events, what’s nearby or other things to see - or a combination of all of these, it’s up to you! Our systems automatically translate all content to 28 languages, ensuring that visitors from all over the world can enjoy the experience in their own language.

If you feel like we can help you with creating improved visitor experiences, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s make a move towards smart tourism together!

Digital Tours of

If we truly want to revolutionize local experiencing, we have to do it to its full potential. We realized that fewer and fewer people participate in traditional guided tours for various reasons, but travelers still want to make the most out of their travels. Reveel also allows creators to make smart, digital guided tours that can be taken anytime.

This gives guides and sites the possibility to reach a new segment of customers - those who wouldn't participate in a traditional tour but would want to learn more.

Tours Available in Helsinki

Suomenlinna Tour

On this tour you will get to know the unique Suomenlinna sea fortress. The route takes you through the centuries, from the decision to build the fortress to the present day. Along the way, you will see imposing stone walls and cannons as well as charming parks and stunning seascapes. You'll hear about the fort's builders, inhabitants and defenders. Let's go!
Open tour here

Introduction to Helsinki

This tour walks you through some of Helsinki's most famous sights. You'll learn about Finland's history and culture, and during the walk, you'll get to explore some of the hidden details most visitors will miss.

Why there is a statue of a Russian czar in the most famous square of Finland? When do Finns swim in a fountain? How do Finns celebrate independence day? Who's the man loved by seagulls? Is Finnish really such a difficult language?

Take this audio tour, and you'll know answers to these questions, and much more!
Open tour here

Helsinki Lifestyle by Bike

On this tour you will discover and feel our hometown of Helsinki with me, Riku Nurminen - the Helsinki Guy. Take this tour at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful sights and stories that you will not hear anywhere else in the world.
Open tour here

Architecture Tour

Helsinki is a gem for architecture enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of architectural styles such as neoclassical, revival styles, art nouveau, art deco, modernism, and contemporary styles. The great architectural variety can easily go unnoticed for a foreigner, even for a local.

This Architecture Tour is specifically designed to explain the details of various famous landmarks in Helsinki city centre. If you are short on time but want to learn more about Helsinki’s architectural history and styles, take this informative Architecture Tour.
Open tour here


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"We Live to Discover"

Our mission is to make on-site exploration easier than ever before. We know that the move towards smart destinations can be hard, and this is why we want to take away the stress from you. Let us focus on the technology, so that you can focus on the content. By joining the Reveel-platform you take your first step towards modernizing your visitor experience.

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We partner with local guides and renowned attractions to enhance your travel experience with insider knowledge and expertise.

There’s something special about discovering our planet - from national parks to metropolitan cities, there’s always something to learn. We believe that this learning curve could be improved significantly, so that everyone could have an experience that is perfect for them. I am proud that our team is taking the steps towards a more modern, sustainable visitor experience, thus contributing to an extremely exciting future of tourism.

Sebastian Mellblom (CEO & Founder)

Robin Kanerva (COO & Founder)

William Helmenius (CTO & Founder)

Jesper Pettersson (UI / UX, Software developer)

Fredrik Fazer (Early investor & Founder)

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